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Bruno Martino

Bruno Martino

Bruno Martino was born 11th November 1925. His musical career started in 1944, when the young pianist entered the radio symphony orchestra of the roman broadcasting station RAI. At the same time he already performed with local jazz bands.

After he had left Italy in 1947, he worked in several european night clubs, above all in Denmark. His orchestra played a mixture of jazz, neapolitan folk-songs and his own compositions, ranking among the most distinguished ball-room orchestras of that time.

After he had returned to Italy, he wrote songs for prominent singers like Caterina Valente, Renato Rascel and Wilma de Angelis. Until that time, he had actually never thought of singing himself, and it was a mere coincidence, that he had to substitute for a singer, who had left his orchestra at short notice.

He became known with the nickname "Principe dei nights" ("prince of the night clubs") and with songs like "Sono stanco", "Sabato sera", "Cos'hai trovato in lui" and "Baciami per domani". His greatest success - "E la chiamano estate" - was also recorded by Fred Bongusto.

In 1961 was his only appearance at the festival in San Remo with "AAA Adorabile cercasi". Also in the numerous TV shows the image of the "cantante da night club" adhered to him.

But his orchestra continued to be highly esteemed, and among its members were many famous italian musicians, for example Franco Cerri and Oscar Valdambrini. It performed on the important stages of the world, from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas.

In his later years Bruno Martino kept performing as a singer from time to time. In 1993 he had once more a great apperance together with Umberto Bindi. Entitled "Two lifes, one piano" it took place in the "Teatro Flaiano" in Rome and was also recorded to an album.

Bruno Martino died 12th June 2000 at the age of 74 of an heart-attack.

Bruno Martino